Meet the Jenkins Family

Dan & Sue with their children (Emma, Caleb & Isaac -- oldest to youngest).

The Jenkins family in San Jose, Costa Rica: Dan & Sue with their children (Emma, Caleb & Isaac -- oldest to youngest).


“Jenkins Journal … A Journey into Missions” is a blog providing updates on one family’s journey from the Midwest to the mission field in Latin America.

Now accepted with the Evangelical Free Church of America’s ReachGlobal, the Jenkins are in the training and support-raising phase of becoming missionaries in the area of “Micro-Enterprise Development” (MED) in Costa Rica.  This initiative is based on the belief that when local pastors and congregations are financially sustainable, they are better equipped to serve their communities and grow their ministries.

The initial focus will be to assist bi-vocational pastors, who depend on a second job or a fledgling business to support their ministries.  This will involve providing counsel regarding the establishment and optimization of small businesses, as well as connections to resources such as micro-loans, business partners, and new markets.  We hope to expand this ministry to assist church members and to reach out into the broader community.

Many organizations are successfully using MED programs around the world.  However, this will be a new endeavor for ReachGlobal in Latin America — so we will truly be blazing a new trail.  We hope to establish a pilot program in Costa Rica that can someday be replicated elsewhere in Latin America … and beyond!

To learn more about ways you can give toward our efforts, click here.  (Gifts should be directed to the account of Daniel Jenkins, ID#1648.)

ReachGlobal is the mission arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America.  More than 550 people across five continents serve as ReachGlobal missionaries.  ReachGlobal’s ministry focus is developing, empowering and releasing healthy nationals and healthy leaders to reach their own people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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