It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood …

30 10 2009

Check out this link to Google Maps to explore our Curridabat, Costa Rica, neighborhood from a bird’s eye view.  Now at 87.8 percent of our ongoing support commitments, it looks like we’ll make it into our new home in early December!  Here’s the link.  




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10 01 2010
Miriam Carnes

I subscribe to the,
blog by Carrie. I saw your blog & saw you guys are in Costa Rica. I guess it caught my attention because my niece her husband & daughter & son have been in language school there since last April. God blessings & strength is always with you!
I pray for you & your family. Bless you All!
(below is where I saw your blog)

In fact, my roommate Suey’s boyfriend at the time and now husband, Dan ( read their blog here on their mission work in Costa Rica ) actually met Denise Austin and got an autograph for me! I still have it and recently found it again.

11 01 2010

Miriam, thanks for looking me up and letting me know about your niece and her family. Are they at the language school for a full year? We begin classes for the trimester tomorrow and have been in orientation for the past four school days. Some of the students who have been at the school for a trimester or two have been involved in our orientation programs. (Perhaps your niece is among them.)

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