Band of Gypsies …

15 07 2009

It’s no Starship Enterprise, but this family’s MPV will be logging some serious miles over the next month.  From Jenkins to “gypsies,” our family of five will begin a month-long journey across the Midwest, Ontario, and Louisiana for speaking engagements, training, meetings and support-raising events.  Follow our travel log to see if we’ll be visiting a town near you.

Our nomadic lifestyle officially began May 28th, when we turned over the keys to our home and took up temporary residence with family.  On Friday, Dan will conclude his seven years of service with Solutia Inc., as director of public affairs, and officially join the full-time staff of ReachGlobal.  We are excited to begin this next phase of life and are eager to return to Costa Rica.

The road to Costa Rica is filled with detours, however, starting with a journey across the Midwest to visit family and friends and present our vision at speaking engagements.  On Saturday, July 18th, we’re headed on the road, not to return to St. Louis until some time after August 18th. …  Here’s a sneak peek at our engagements:

*Sunday, July 19, 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.  Heritage Church of God, Maumee, Ohio.  Presenting during the evening worship service, followed by a “linger longer” reception.

*Monday, July 20, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.  Baymont Inn & Suites, Maumee, Ohio.  Come-and-go reception, during which Dan & Sue will be available to discuss our plans for missions.

*Tuesday, July 21, 6 p.m.  Sue and Emma will join the Women of the Church of God (Heritage-Maumee) for a picnic, during which we’ll share our vision for Costa Rica.

*Wednesday, July 22.  We’re off to the Hoosier state.

*Sunday, July 26.  To Toronto we go!  Two weeks of language acquisition training (with a little time in between for some sight-seeing).

*Friday, August 7.  “Back to Ohio … is where I wanna go.”  We’ll be back in Northwest and Central Ohio visiting friends and family.

*Sunday, August 9.  Dan & Sue head to New Orleans, Louisiana, for four days of team meetings.  (We’re excited to reunite with our virtual ReachGlobal compassion ministries team!)

*Thursday, August 13.  Central/Southern Ohio.  We’ll complete our journey through Ohio, connecting with family, friends and congregations. …

*Mid-September.  Costa Rica bound (we hope).  Our plan is to relocate to Costa Rica by mid-to-late September in time for the intensive Spanish language courses commencing Oct. 5.  This plan is contingent upon gaining full financial support by that time.  (We are currently at 58% of our monthly support commitments and 60% of our startup costs–feel free to ask me for more details about what that means.)

Please pray for the Jenkins family as our journey to Costa Rica zig-zags across state and country borders.  Pray for safe travels and successful support-raising efforts.  God bless!




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