Pilgrim’s Progress

28 04 2009

Dan, Emma and I recently returned home from a 10-day trip to Minneapolis for our pre-field training. This was a wonderful experience of learning about cross-cultural ministry, pondering the challenges and joys to come, and praying and bonding with fellow missionaries (24 adults and about 20 kids in attendance!). We left rejuvenated spiritually, exhausted physically, and excited for our move to Costa Rica.

Emma had a fantastic time bonding with other missionary kids and learning about the “pair-of-ducks” — the paradoxical pair of ducks (the “yuck duck” and the “yeah duck”) that represent the good and the bad things that come along with our calling to the mission field. The kids also packed food for the “Feed My Starving Children” organization, learned about the countries to which each family in attendance is moving, and were exposed to some — ahem — unique cultural cuisine (namely cold, smoked squid atop cold steamed rice).

While at the conference, we all made friendships that will last through the years to come.

Our support-raising is also coming along. Praise God — we are nearly at 50 percent of our monthly support commitments (which includes individuals and two churches) and are at about 45 percent of our startup budget. Thank you to those of you who have joined our financial support and prayer teams!
One more big praise: Our house is under contract! We will officially be among the “homeless” on May 28th, moving in with family until our planned departure in mid-August.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers!




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